Yes, it is true, there is something known as baby powder addiction! Some people are addicted to baby powder, and they eat it.  There are people who say they have been eating it for 30 years, since the age of three. The level of addiction differs. Some people need it daily, while some only need it once in a while. Some others don’t have a problem – they forget about it, until they happen to see it somewhere.

Here is one addict’s confession:
“I, am addicted to baby powder. I have eaten it since I
was old enough to hold the bottle. I tried to stop a lot,
but the problem is that again, when I see it, I cannot
resist. I love the texture of it.”
This addiction to baby powder is said to be because of a mineral deficiency. Whatever the reason, there are some people who will go crazy at the sight of baby powders – who would have thought?

More than anything else,  almost every addict is curious to know the effect it will cause to their health. No authoritative studies have been done so far, but, based on available data, it is said that is you have asthma, you are better off not tasting baby powder, because it may cause your astham symptoms to worsen.