Baby powders in one form or another have been around throughout the history of man.  Talc, was said to be used in the bath houses of the Roman Empire and Egypt.  The modern form of baby powder can be traced back to the 1890’s and the Johnson and Johnson company.

Baby powder usually comes in three basic forms:

Scented talcum powder: often used by adults to assist in keeping dry and smelling nice.
Corn starch: the safest powder for use on babies.  Powder that is a simple corn starch with no added scents or other chemicals is the best powder to use on your babies bum.
Medicated powder: often used for rashes or foot problems.  Medicated powders come in a variety of forms and have been around a very long time.

Baby powder is usually used to assist in keeping a baby dry when wearing a diaper.  Using baby powder was more popular when diapers were all cloth and did not absorb moisture very well.

Today, diapers are very efficient at absorbing moisture and using powder has become more a choice than a necessity.  Everyone has early child hood memories of that nice cool feeling of baby powder.  Here are some things to remember about using baby powder:

Girls and powder:  There is a tremendous debate by pediatricians today about using talc based powders on baby girls.  It is believed by many that the talc can get into the blood stream and cause damage later in life.  This has not been proven but there are many talc free powders.  Better safe than sorry.  Use a talc free powder on all babies.
Be frugal:  be careful when applying baby powder to your child.  Do not let clouds of powder form and your baby inhale this dust from the powder.  Breathing this powder dust is not advised period.
Don’t overdo it:  apply just enough powder to do the job.  Too much powder is actually a bad thing.  Moisture can collect and crust and if left too long can cause a problem.

Also remember to keep the baby powder out of reach of little ones prying hands.  Baby powder is a great product.  Baby powder is also used by adults in many applications.  Try using some baby powder on your sheets on a hot summer night.  Baby powder is a safe product that can enhance your baby’s life.